Ten tedious tasks

Author: admin | August 11, 2016

Ten tedious tasks not to leave to the last minute before moving

Part of the initial conversations we have with our clients covers partly ” the moving day”; what to expect, how to get organized, what to do. Having moved quite a few times over the last several years ourselves, I can say that our family is used to it now. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t ‘like’ it nor do we ‘enjoy’ it, but we have a system down and the process flows rather smoothly. Aside from hiring a moving company, there are a few other mundane tasks that are required before your final move. As the big day approaches, we tend to share our “To Do” list with our clients.
1. Change your address

The list of institutions that you need to change your address with will depend on each family. It is a good idea to jot down a quick list and make the changes before moving. Additionally, you can go on the Canada Post website and purchase a package to forward your mail to your new address while the reconciliation takes place.

Short lists of places to update your new address:
1. Banks
2. Insurance Companies
3. Your employer
4. Credit Card companies
5. Government organizations: Drivers License, Health Card, Canada Revenue Agency, etc.
6. Schools & daycares
7. Family & Friends
8. Service providers: Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc

Link to Canada Post mail forwarding services:


2. Update utilities companies

Utilities companies consist of your Gas & Hydro companies. In the Halton region you will have to connect with both in order to schedule new service from them starting on the day you move into the new home. (Expect two bills: one for gas and a combined bill for hydro and water)

Gas: Union Gas

Hydro (Water & Electricity): Oakville Hydro Corporation

3. Connect your internet, cable and home phone

Be sure to inform your service provider that you are moving and the corresponding dates. You would want to schedule any installation for your internet, cable and home phone right away. Internet service providers are often booked weeks in advance so you need to do this as soon as possible. Living in a new house without internet can be very frustrating and inconvenient so save yourself the stress and book in early.

4.Update your car insurance company

In often cases, your car insurance premium might change with a physical move. Depending on the area you are moving to compared to your old neighborhood, there might be either a rise or dip in your monthly chargers. Don’t wait to update your car insurance company.

5. Home insurance

This seems like a no brainer, but often left to the last minute, even sometimes forgotten. Get in touch with your home insurance broker. You will need more than just the address of your new house when you call. They will require the square footage of the house, the amounts of amenities, information about the age among other. Allow yourself a few hours to talk to your broker, the sooner you get to it the better. Note that your lawyer and the mortgage company, if you did not buy your house cash!!!, will require a proof of insurance before the final closing.

Pro tip: Use this time to get a few quotes from different insurance providers. You might be surprised to find a lower quote for both your car and home insurances combined.

6. Arrange a sitter for children and pets

Make sure you’ve thought about what young children and pets will do on moving day. It can be handy to ask a friend or family member to help out so you can focus on organizing the move.

7. Hire a cleaning company

One great advice is to get your new house cleaned professionally before moving. If the house has carpeted areas, have them steamed. Most houses will be handed to new owners in a somewhat clean fashion. Regardless, it is still good practice to see the cleaning through before the final move in. Generally, we always include a clause in all our agreements that stipulates that the house should be clean with out any leftover garbage.

8. Block time off work for last minute errands

Last minute errands always emerge. Whether it’s going to the lawyer or going to the hardware store to make duplicate copies of the house keys, have a few hours set aside for those last minute occurrences to avoid stress and panic. Decide before hand if you want to change the locks in the house, if you do, book a locksmith ahead of time.

9. Have an unpacking kit ready

Pack a box with tools, scissors, cutters, tape, markers, zip lock bags, gloves and additional cleaning supplies. The last thing you want is to go look for simple tools to assist in unpacking or worse having to run to the dollar store for them!

10. First nigh box

Have a box or small suitcase set aside with your basic essentials for you first nigh in the house. Toiletries, clean towels and sheets or that special stuff animal you child can’t sleep without!!! Trust me, at 1am on your first night, the last thing you want to do is look for a favorite toy in a stack of packed boxes!

Once you have passed your first night in your new home, the unpacking usually starts. It is helpful to know that the Halton Region will provide you with two new blue boxes and one green cart for free. To receive them, you need to visit the Halton Regional Centre on 1151 Bronte Road. You will additionally receive info about your garbage pick up and pertinent information.

Generally, in Oakville, the garbage is pick-up every other week – total of 3 garbage bags. Recycles is picked every week. Should you have an excess of recyclables, say piles of cardboard boxes, you can drop them for free at the Halton Landfill at 5400 Regional Road 25 (6km north of Dundas off of Bronte) Additional garbage there will cost you a fee per weight.

Please visit the Halton website for more info or call 311: