Curb Appeal

Author: admin | August 11, 2016


May long weekend is the license Canadians awaits to start gardening. Having an attractive landscape can certainly make your home look more inviting. Our homes are our blank canvas, our way to express ourselves, our tastes and culture. Naturally, our backyard and front yard become an extension of our expression. Landscaping can add up a whopping 28% in your home value. Curb appeal is the first thing that a potential buyer sees when view a house, so it is extremely important to  a great first impression. As we start preparing the list of annuals to plant and draw little maps of our garden, keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb.
Of course, we all aspire to have the most lush, whimsical and colorful of gardens with a green trimmed  lawn, but that of course requires lots of time and knowhow. When planning your landscape, design a backyard and front yard to minimize you your gardening tasks. Here are a few tips of hassle free and elegant landscaping.

Spend time planing you garden before digging

It is worth it to thoroughly plan your landscaping design. Whether you have a green thumb or don’t enjoy gardening, take sometime before buying any plants on deciding what you like, how many will you plant, are they annuals or perennials, how much sun/shade and water they require. This will save you time at the garden centre and assist you with budgeting.

 Look for plants that requires little maintenance

 You want to stay clear of temperamental plants. Pick plants that works well in our Southern Ontario weather and that requires little maintenance. When it comes to plants, avoid adding too many to your yard or it may look wild and overgrown. Instead, focus on a few types or species of plants and use them sparingly across your landscape


Hire a professional & choose your material carefully


Unless you are extremely handy and  have the proper skills and manpower, hire a a professional to do your landscaping. If you want your landscape to have an air of elegance, the materials that you use have a significant impact. In particular, paving material should be chosen with care. Brick is a classic option that gives your yard a polished, formal look. You can use it for your patio, walkways and driveway. If brick is out of your price range, concrete pavers are an ideal alternative because they have the same structured look and are available in the same color and size as bricks.

Stone tile is another ideal paving material for an elegant look. It works especially well for a patio or pool surround, but the tile makes an attractive path as well.

 If you really want to impress, though, opting for an elegant design is the way to go. Creating a sophisticated landscape is not as difficult as you may think, since a simple design is usually a recipe for success. If you focus on traditional, formal elements and keep the look understated, you’ll wind up with an unmistakably elegant yard.

Keep it simple

 When planning your garden, walkways and other features in your yard, opt for straight lines and geometric shapes like squares, circles and triangles. Straight lines and precise shapes give your landscape a formal look that has an air of elegance. Curves and abstract shapes have a more casual feel and should be avoided. If you’re adding a walkway, opt for a straight path. When it comes to your patio, a square, rectangular or circular design is your best bet. Keep flowerbeds neat and precise too.

Add a statement piece

popular-landscaping-elegant-landscape-borders-for-flower-beds-landscape-borders-lexington-ky-concrete-landscape-border-kit-landscape-borders-ideas-landscape-borders-in-broward-county-landscape-small-25While an elegant landscape should have an understated look, you can include a striking focal point to make a statement in your yard or garden. By keeping the other elements in your yard simple, the focal point will be particularly prominent and your landscape won’t feel overdone. A fountain makes a lovely centerpiece for your yard or garden. Opt for stone model for a traditional, formal look. A garden statute can also serve as an attractive focal point for your landscape – place one in your front yard to accent your entrance or the center of your garden with flowerbeds surrounding it.


While you will not design your garden sorely for the purpose of resale, you want to have an elegant design that you can still enjoy while living in the house. Once you have your landscaping done, you can focus on adding nice to have extras every year to keep increasing the value. These add-ons are nice to have but not essentials, such as outdoor lightings, hanging baskets, bird feeder and a sprinkler system.

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