About us

Author: admin | August 15, 2016

The French has a saying: “metro boulot dodo” which essentially translates to: Subway work sleep. This is the essence of most people’s daily routine. We wake up to an already crazy busy day, rush to work and rush back home, sleep and start again. We see this pattern with our clients all the time. Life is already busy as it is, why complicate it more with complicated procedures and useless redundant tasks?

We pride ourselves in the 360 service that we provide to our clients when in comes to their real estate needs. Whether it’s looking for an investment property or selling their home, renovating their guest bedroom or simply finding¬† a suitable caterer for the home warming party, we are there to assist. Since we started in the industry in 2017, we have differentiated ourselves from others by offering our services in a way that encompasses every aspect of getting a new home and beyond.

One of the first things we usually say to a client is that we want to be assisting their children in buying their first home.We are there to built relationships that last a lifetime. Our approach is for our clients to be extension of our immediate circle for them to be exposed to the best of everything the industry has to offer.

While we do work with with our clients to look for dwellings that matches their criteria on different levels to suit their immediate and long term needs, we also look at their specific need in a much broader sense and make recommendations that will benefit them on their current and future real estate needs.

Our focus is to continuously support our our clients’ real estate and related needs with a proactive approach long after their closing date.

Let our family help your family achieve its real estate aspirations!